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Anticipate driving school, and in particular Jack, are a truly professional driving school that know how to get their students enabled to pass their PDA test. Yesterday, daughter Savannah passed.

Jack is a true gentleman and has a friendly and patient style, that puts his students at ease. Thoroughly recommended !

Steve Benson, Joondalup


Well jack just got my P"s yesterday and got a nice safe baby car  Thanks so much for your help .

I can still hear your advice as I drive around  hope your keeping well and had a lovely well deserved holiday .
Thanks again Rachel Heathridge ( Irish ) !!

Hi Jack
Amy passed her Practical test on Monday 8/7.
We just wanted to say thanks so much for all your patience and the skills you taught her.
Shane and Lisa Jackson.

I would like to thank anticipate driving school ,
I passed first time and Jack the proprietor was reliable and very punctual either picking me up from home or school                 
Once again Jack thank you for teaching me   Regards Andi Wilson Tapping

Hi Jack.
I could not Thank you more for your patience and time spent for me to pass my test third attempt but first under your instructions. I looked forward to my driving lessons each week because of the enjoyment and experience you put into it. Again Thank you so much for everything you have taught me towards being a safe driver.
Keep up the great work.
Jarrahn Kinross

Hi Jack this is Kamilla. Which passed Driver License Test two days ago. I want to say you 'THANK YOU' for your lessons.

I passed my test after YOUR lessons. My driver license tests which I have had before were failed, but after my lessons with you i can pass my test from first time.  
Thanks Kamilla Clarkson

Hi Jack, I would like to say a very big thank you for all time, patience and enjoyment over the last few months.

I truly could not have passed my test first time without you. You are truly dedicated.
Vicky-Somerley, Clarkson.

Hi Jack!
Katarina here; Just wanted to let you know, I finally managed to get my hours up in my log book, and I passed my Hazard Test today (first time). When I got on my phase 2 learner's, I wrote down everything you taught me and stuck with it, it even taught my mother a few things. I am so happy I'm on my P's, and I just wanted to say "Thank you", so thanks for everything you taught me, and I'll stick with everything I've learned.
Katarina Schleck Clarkson.

Dear Jack,
Thank you so much for assisting my children with their driving. First you helped my daughter gain her licence very quickly and easily with enjoyment.
After, you were able to guide my son to pass his practical test despite the fact that he only had 4 lessons!

This is a true testimonial to your incomparable knowledge of how to teach driving. A sincere thank you for everything that you have done.
Best Wishes,
Philip Do, Connolly

Hi Jack,
Pannee & myself wanted to say & big thank you for the patience and enjoyment you displayed during the lessons with Pannee, Pannee always looked forward to her driving lessons each week & I know she would not have passed her test first go without you.
Thank you very much
Trevor & Pannee Merriwa

Hi Jack,
Thank you so much for helping me overcome my 12 year fear of driving!  
You were exactly what I needed in a driving instructor; friendly, patient, encouraging and funny.

I couldn't have done it without you :)
All the best,
Leslie       Kinross

Dear Jack,
Massive double thank you for our success. It's actually your hardwork and consistency that made us pass.
Thanks again for being friendly and making hard to do stuff easy.
Zenith passed on 1st go that was excellent success.
I tried exam before coming to you and that was disasterous and after having all lesson I feel new to myself. You made me pass. Thanks for your wonderful tips and encouragment.
huge thanks agian.
Zenith & Payal family.  Clarkson

Hello Jack,
I am writing to let you know that i got my P plates
It feels fantastic to be an independent driver and i would like to thank you for helping me to achieve that.  Your patience and humour made the lessons very enjoyable and i would never have passed my test on the first attempt without your guidance.  Thank you so much!
Best Wishes,
Lyndsey Davies, Quinns Rocks.

To Jack,
Thank you for being such a fantastic driving teacher and helping me to pass my driving test the first time!  Your patience and humour made learning to drive a very positive experience!  I really appreciate all the help you have given me and will remember all your driving tips!
Best wishes
Stephanie Crews     Sorrento

Hi Jack,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your time and patience, whilst teaching me how to drive. In just a few weeks, you gave me the confidence I never thought I would have, when it came to driving. I would never of passed my driving test first time, without your guidance and constant support. Thanks so much, I really do appreciate it.
I've officially been a P-Plater since the 8th of October and I'm loving every second of it, so is my mum for that matter. Haha.
Thank you again..
Shona  Crompton     Mindarie

Dear Jack,
I want to say a huge thank you
I really appreciate all your hard work teaching me to drive,  being very patient and most of all giving me the confidence to do this, I will be forever grateful.
Thank You for your patience, dedication, and passion for teaching me!
You have helped me to gain the confidence and skills needed not only to pass the test but for life
Gabriela Tautu      Quinns Rocks

Dear Jack,
Thank You for your patience, dedication, and passion for teaching !
You have helped me to gain the confidence and skills needed not only to pass the test but for life
Best Wishes
Tamsyn Burness      Connolly

Dear Jack,
I know some time has passed since I have passed my driving test but I will be forever grateful for your training. You are patient and practical. Having my licence has meant so much to me but more so 'knowing how' to drive with confidence has changed my attitude towards the road and other drivers.
Kind regards,
Lucy Ambuehl     Clarkson

Hi Jack,
Thank you so much for helping me pass my test. I wouldn't have been able to pass without your assistance (and your great car). Your handy tips, hints and knowledge of the road made driving so much easier and smoother, and it's what made me pass. I am forever grateful for your help.
I will tell everyone how great Anticipate Driving School is.
Thank you so much,
Ellie Thomas  Kallaroo

Jack is a friendly instructor with whom you can not only Anticipate to get You P's, but expect to get your P's!  Jack is patient, humorous and is great at getting the lesson across in a relaxed, easy to follow manner (he also has a great car).
Thank you very much Jack,
Zaid Currambine

Jack is a friendly instructor, who's laid back and relaxed approach to my early lessons helped me to build the confidence to learn all that I needed in order to pass my test. Even when I did not quite grasp the things he was telling me, Jack was patient and ever so willing to revise and help me learn the things I had trouble with
So thank you Jack for doing such a great job
Thanks for everything and for not losing patience with me
Matt Van Emden  Ridgewood

When I first started driving was a chore, however with Jack's passion in  teaching , humor and the ability to make things seem simple made me thoroughly enjoy the lessons .
The knowledge I gained will always be used on the road.  Most of all your patience was much appreciated especially with the way I use to drive!
Thank you Jack!
Milan Rodic

With Jack's straightforward teaching method, learning to drive was simple and enjoyable!  
I gained so much more confidence on the road and was able to administer reverse parallel parking with ease.  
Jack's sense of humour  always made you feel comfortable and his technical expertise will be utilized whenever on the road. All your help was much appreciated
Nada Rodic

Jack is a great instructor that made the driving experience relaxing and enjoyable.  
In a matter of weeks, i had the confidence to carry out all the driving tasks and pass my test on the first attempt!  
His driving advice was extremely valuable and i am now confident driving on my own.
Thanks for everything Jack,
Nik  Rodic

To Jack,
I really appreciate all your hard work teaching me to drive,  being very patient and most of all giving me the confidence to do this, I will be forever grateful.
Thanks again ,I wish you all the best
Jess Dixon      Connolly

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