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pass rates in Joondalup


I will guaranty a 100 % pass rate !!!   unfortunately, not all at the first attempt !!!!!!              

and that is the truth,

The driving schools that claim to have a 93% first time pass rate are simply not telling you the truth !!! 

I would like to, but the facts are that nearly all students get some what nervous or extremely nervous. Then there is the element of other road users they can do things that you need to react on and you might not react the right way under pressure,
or your assessor is quicker then you and you still fail!!  

There are always people claiming that their first time pass rate is 93 % or some other extreme high number, think about this one,
It means that out of every 10 of their students, only a half student will fail the assessment ?? or in other words
all their students will pass the assessment on the first attempt ? this is simply not true
Just check the official pass rates for yourself  from the department of transport at the different centers

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